13 Top and Latest ERP Software Accounting For the Company

The erp software system is an enterprise resource planning system that helps companies to manage business activities such as finance, production, sales, project, and resources.

Companies are given access to real time and precise business management.

The erp also helps the company to collect transaction data from various sources, so that the company will have safely stored databases.

This erp software comes in many shapes and sizes to suit the corporate business needs.

Therefore, it is better to be informed about the top accounting software that can be recommended for the company.

Specifically, it’s the ERP Software Accounting  that follows.

It’s the top and latest erp accounting applications for the company

Below are a list of possible list of erp applications:

Erp odoo

Odoo erp has been integrated with web builders, online stores, post, CRM and sales applications.

This erp software helps developing businesses by presenting platforms with 1000 selected modules.

Ecount ERP

Ecount erp offers accounting modules with accounting features such as credit, cost accounting, and cash flow management.

This erp software enables companies to run their businesses efficiently and accurately in their financial records.

In addition, ecount erp’s surplus is the 24-hour services of a professional team that will assist you.


One of the top erp accounting software that provides a comprehensive cloud approach is the oracle.

The software has a graphic indicator that is shown in real time for viewing on the dashboard and the work area.


Workday is a cloud application which evolved from the HCM system to erp with a complete module.

Workday helps businesses be more flexible and easier to run financial and accounting functions.

Erp Netsuite

The next dependable and widely used software is the erp netsuite. Why is this erp software used so much?

Because the erp netsuite has a lot of features that the company can do to adjust its business needs.

Thus, the erp netsuite is the ideal software for all business groups.

The erp netsuite has an advantage in accounting, including auditing expenses.

Sage Inttact

Sage intase is one of 2020’s best erp software that offers multiple modules whose financial tools are powered by aicpa to CPA.

Sage intacct is already equipped with video tutorials and guidance in each step that makes it easier for you to use this software.

Sage inttact also disintegrates user access controls so it can be integrated with other applications complemented by erp processes such as online payment, CRM and travel management.


This one’s software is already integrated with online shop platforms like amazon, bay, bigcommerce, magento, and shopify.

Brighpearl helps the company grow their business and line up the back office line.

The erp system renews the sales data in real time so that when stock less or more, the company can prevent it outright.


This one application is particularly suitable for those of you who would like a modern, simple, erp system or software that has a more affordable cost.

By reaching into pockets that are not too deep, you can already have a well-illustrated feature for business management.

This application is particularly suitable for use in planning storehouse resources.

Unlike others, this app is freely accessed by umkm actors.

SAP S /4 Hana

This application is able to be a current and comprehensive business system that will assist you in the business management process, such as by explaining and presenting the value of the business.

These spheres of business and technology will be continuously shaped in cloud, mobile and in memory technology.

With this new erp application coming up, it will be easier to do analytics quickly so it will enable the flow of your transaction.

The main business process has also been integrated in real time using public databases run by database management.


The next example of the erp accounting application is the ecc SAP which can specifically integrate key functions in the corporate industry.

Examples are such as fi, sd, materials management, and HCM (human capital management).

Additionally, it can eliminate the complexity of itas well as create real time furrows of information.

SAP EWM, an erp application sample for supply chain management

Ewm has become part of the SCM SAP (supply chain management system).

The application has, in a sense, a strong and sophisticated way of managing distribution and storage of goods.

The absorbe application is also capable of storing and receiving goods, as well as warnings, responsibilities to labor, tracking, and many others.

You should know that this application is an example of an erp product that has very high interest rates especially in companies in Indonesia.

The benefits you can get are, of maximizing control and visibility on warehouses that have a large volume, as well as supporting one in various warehousing activities.

“Brightpearl” “erp” application for online business in Indonesia

As above, the erp one application has the advantage of being integrated with internationally scale online store platforms, examples such as amazon, shopify, bay, and many others.

“Brightpearl” applications can help companies manage the backoffice workflow and also help expand the business.

The system on the “brightpearl” application will keep the sales data updated periodically and real time.

In this way you will be able to control the supply of available items and stored items easily tailored to the needs of customers.

Ecount ERP

This erp application is equipped with a super complete accounting module so it can help your company to manage debt, expense, and cash flow management.

Because a major advantage he had was that of accurately and efficiently managing his financial records for a total of 24 hours.


The erp software system is an enterprise resource planning system that helps companies to manage business activities such as finance, production, sales, project, and resources.

This erp software comes in many shapes and sizes to suit the corporate business needs.

It is therefore important for businesses to use erp software  accounting to facilitate the accounting work in the financial industry.

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