ERP Software Open Source: Definition & 5 Sample of The Best

Erp or enterprise resource planning is a business management application that helps binary manage integrated.

The erp deals with the operating system. There are two types of operating systems in the erp: open source and close source.

And what does open source and close source mean?

An open-source application is no less competitive with a paid close source application, where the module of the open-source application and close source are no different. Could be more interesting than a close source feature.

Want to know more, see the subject of open-source software erp such as the following.

Open-source Understanding

Open source erp isa term used for software or software that his coding is provided by public developers to learn how it works, modified or developed further and disseminated.

Close source is a published software without giving the source code.

The software consists of binary files alone, with no space to access the source of the software.

Close source software has a license or copyright, which is intended to protect against piracy or the use that would harm a software designer.

The erp open-source software is an interesting choice for organizations that will gain control of their software and data while maximizes its value to their users.

Open-source erp software can be adjusted and modified by user communities to meet specific needs.

Moreover, erp open-source software is far cheaper than proprietary erp software options.

There’s a growing trend of businesses taking from the erp open source software.

The open-source erp system is not only cheaper to implement but also offers adjustable flexibility and customization to meet business specific needs.

Moreover, erp software is often updated and has communities that can provide support if there are problems.

A Sample of The Best Open-source ERP App

Given the important reasons for using this system, the following are examples of an indispensable erp open source application for your business:


Odoo is one of the most popular and famous open-source erp apps.

This software provides a systemized application that comes with modules for your business.

Such as manufacturing, accounting, finance, project management, billing, inventory management, billing, and so on.

Simple interface display, makes odoo a friendly erp application for novices.


Metasfresh is another popular open-source erp software equipped with interactive and intuitive packages.

This application could be an affordable solution to small and medium enterprises to meet their business needs.

The system can easily be at-home by the user and used for free.

Additionally, the free erp software is designed for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, ios, and android.

Metafresh is available in various programming languages such as SQL, Java, XML, and javascript.

Apache ofbiz

This erp open source application is made for general architecture, making it easier for users to adjust systems according to need.

This system is intended for medium-to large firms and is equipped with functions to support internal support development resources.

Doing so will make it easier for you to integrate various resources with existing infrastructure and business processes.


The erp system is intended for small and medium enterprises, offering end-to-end management solutions to its users.

Many features offered by this system include invoices, payments, document management, contracts, support for postal, order, inventory, and so forth.

As a popular erp application, dolibarr came with an interactive and intuitive interface, making it easier for the user to utilize its full functionality.

Why do you have to use an open-source erp?

There are several main reasons why you should use an open-source erp system in your business. In-between:

Saves long – term costs

While the erp system may require large implementation costs, it can significantly increase the efficiency of business costs.

With effective systems, the it functions in your business do not require special staff, large infrastructure, and large teams to manage many systems.

This is because all of this needs can be handled by a single erp system.

Most of the erp open source systems can even use open source databases and operating systems that offer license-free options.

Greater visibility

Another reason why you should use the erp system is to allow you to have complete access to all vital data and information.

This aims to make it easier to manage day-to-day business operations, as well as to make smarter business decisions.

With an effective erp system, for example, you may find it easier to monitor the inventory level or to keep inventory stock adequate.

Improving reporting and planning effectiveness

Apart from greater visibility, the erp system also provides reporting and planning solutions for your business.

Using an erp series can help you to get interactive and detailed reporting from each business function through a unified dashboard.

This not only helps you identify your business weaknesses and strengths, making it easier for you to make appropriate planning to reduce weaknesses.

Improved business operating efficiency

Next, the erp implementation can also increase the effectiveness of time and effort needed to perform day-to-day business operations.

By tomizing excessive operations, the erp system is able to summarize several jobs so that employees can become focused on core tasks.

Improving the quality of service

The erp system not only increases your process and business system, but it also helps improve customer service quality.

By making a centralized and efficient data repository for all clients, it allows the sales team to be more objective in establishing good relations with the customer.

The feature of the open-source erp application also enables you to increase retention by offering clients a personalized operational experience.


Open source erp isa term used for software or software that his coding is provided by public developers to learn how it works, modified or developed further and disseminated.

With the advent of the erp software  open source, this can make it easier for companies to gain control of their own software and data.

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