3 Best POS System For Convenience Stores

POS (point of sale) is where customers pay for products and services.

The POS system integrates the inventory database with his POS terminals and payment processing.

This allows cashiers to efficiently obtain product prices and accept payments.

POS systems are specialized for the requirements of different companies.

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His POS for restaurants allows for a lot of customization, but his POS for retail stores requires quick payments and good inventory management abilities.

3 Best POS System For Convenience Stores

Here are the best POS system for convenience store, namely:


KORONA is best for corner stores without fuel pumps.

KORONA is a powerful option for your c-store POS system.

The all-inclusive price includes service and installation, making it ideal for small businesses on a tight budget.

KORONA offers powerful inventory features such as product sales tracking, demand forecasting and ordering capabilities.

KORONA account settings allow you to track lottery payments directly at the POS. KORONA is also the only system on this list that includes a gift card feature at no extra charge.

Cash Tracking includes a “blind drop” setting so employees can’t see the cash drops they drop before counting the money in the drawer. This helps prevent employee theft.

Customer service is excellent, and users appreciate the interface and support.

Plus, with the unlimited free trial option, you can set up a demo account and test the software as long as you like.

However, payment processor integration is not possible and daily transactions are severely limited. No other provider on our list offers a free trial.

1.1.1 Features

KORONA starts at $59 per month per device, or $69 per device per month if you need extended inventory.

The Plus plan costs $89/month per device and supports managing multiple stores.

This is the cheapest option on our list of software.

Hardware can be purchased from KORONA.

They sell touch screen terminals from Aures, Partner Tech and Hisense

In some cases, you can reuse hardware you already own.

A KORONA representative will let you know if your gear is compatible.

KORONA’s outstanding features are:

  • Anti-theft Features
  • Sales History
  • Customizability
  • Excellent Customer Service

1.1.2 Price

KORONA determining factors:

Subscription plans:

  • Core: $59
  • Advanced: $69
  • Plus: $89
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

Hardware Cost: Prices vary by device, from $120 for a cash drawer to over $3,000 for a complete terminal kit.

One-time installation fees: $0 / free

Payment processing: Integrates with all fundamental processors.

Contract length: month to month. cancel anytime

Free Trial: Unlimited (cannot integrate payment processors, lower daily transaction limits)

1.1.3 Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons using Korona:

Unlimited free trialDoes not support fuel sales
No long term contractLimited catering capabilities
Integrates with all major payment processors
Includes lottery payout functionality

1.2 NCR

NCR is best for convenience stores that sell gas.

NCR is a popular cloud-based POS brand that develops software solutions for various industries, from specialty retailers to franchises to restaurants.

The convenience store that also sells gasoline is none other than NCR.

Similar to POS Nation, this flexible system can process payments at gas stations or stores.

NCR also offer comprehensive retail and fuel management solutions.

In fact, these tools make NCR a prime candidate for a Forecourt POS system. NCR POS solutions allow you to redeem customer reward points at your POS terminal or gas pump.

NCR also provides an open application programming interface (API) so you can use your favorite third-party apps to build custom solutions.

1.2.1 Features

NCR’s retail POS solutions go by a variety of names, including NCR Silver, NCR RPOS and NCR Storepoint.

All three of these systems have c-store functionality.

Whichever terminal you choose, the system will integrate with the rest of the retail tools in the NCR ecosystem, from external payment terminals to payment dashboards and artificial intelligence applications.

With NCR you can create a complete end-to-end his POS, payments and technology solution. However, you should contact NCR directly to find out what Dream’s POS cost.

Key features of NCR Silver include:

  • Tamper-evident Pay-at-the-Pump
  • FastLane SelfServ Checkout
  • AI- supported Theft Detection

1.2.2 Price

NCR Silver determining factors:

  • Subscription plans: Custom-quoted
  • Hardware costs: Custom-quoted
  • One-time installation fees: Custom-quoted
  • Payment processing: Custom-quoted
  • Contract length: Varies based on reseller
  • Free trial: None

1.2.3 Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons using NCR:

POS package includes installationTerms and conditions vary by retailer
Includes fuel management toolsPayment cannot be processed offline
cloud basedAll prices require separate offers
Android touchscreens
Works with iPad or industry-standard

1.3 Revel Systems:

Revel Systems is a hybrid POS that runs on the iPad, providing tools for retail and hospitality businesses.

At $99 per month per terminal, this robust POS matches POS Nation’s top-tier pricing.

However, unlike POS Nation, Revel runs on his iPad, making it easy to teach new hires.

Revel doesn’t have a fuel management module, but you can use the payout cash management feature to track your lottery payouts.

If C-Store offers a wide range of grocery options, or you want an affordable iPad-based POS of his, Revel has a lot to offer.

Its cash management features are the most comprehensive of any system on the list. Two withdrawal registers can be set up so that each cashier has his own drawer.

You can also set high cashier alerts to remind cashiers to put cash in the safe when the cash drawer reaches a certain limit.

These settings reduce the possibility of theft by employees or customers

Revel also includes a driver management feature if your c-store offers local shipping.

1.3.1 Features

Revel Systems includes some features that other features on this list lack or cost extra.

With Revel, you can take advantage of comprehensive inventory tracking and tools to place backorders directly from your POS to suppliers.

You can also create employee schedules on your back office dashboard and track real-time attendance via a management smartphone app.

Where convenience stores offer local deliveries (like downtown areas),

Revel provides end-to-end delivery management with card-based driver dispatch tools.

Key features of Revel Systems include:

  • Complex Cash Management
  • End-to-end Delivery Tool
  • Food-service Function
  • Support for Liquor Sales

1.3.2 Price

Revel System determining factors:

  • Subscription fees: $99 per terminal, per month
  • Hardware costs: Runs on iPads
  • One-time installation fees: Starts at $674
  • Payment processing: Choose from Revel Advantage, First Data, Heartland, TSYS, Worldpay, Chase Paymentech, Elavon
  • Contract length: 3 years
  • Free trial: None

1.3.3 Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons using Revel System:

Great cash tracking toolNo fuel tracking tool
Run on iPadiPad must be purchased from Revel
The best foodservice tools available3 year contract
Reliable inventory tracking with smartphone app


A number of leading retail and convenience POS systems were examined in detail.

To cut down, we looked for fuel sales, lottery sales management, age verification (for tobacco and liquor sales), and robust cash management tools.

A POS system needs at least 2 out of 4 to compete in ratings.

Next, we explored checkout, inventory, and employee management features.

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