2 Best POS System For Retail

The retail industry is undergoing structural changes due to the impact of COVID-19.

Global lockdown restrictions have led to exponential growth in online purchases, but retailers face significant challenges when it comes to providing the best possible service to their customers.

Adapting to the unpredictable changes caused by the global pandemic requires the proper use of its POS software while selling products and taking orders.

They provide retailers with tools for smoother transactions, from order management and inventory tracking to customer management and payment processing.

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However, retailers should choose these systems carefully and carefully. After all, the platform you use can mean the difference between success and failure.

Best POS System For Retail

To help you out, we have rounded up the best retail POS systems and explained their key features

This way, you can focus on the solution that best fits your needs.


KORONA is a versatile web-based POS software that can meet the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises.

With a subscription, you get a complete POS with powerful features like inventory management, sales reporting, employee authorization, customer retention, promotions, and more.

Additionally, KORONA enables you to manage your business operations more efficiently with features such as automated ordering, retail loss prevention, reports and metrics, loyalty and CRM.

And because it integrates with most payment processing systems, it’s cheap and easy to set up and start using in your business.

What Are the Characteristics of KORONA?

The are four characteristics of KORONA, such as:

  1. Employee management: KORONA allows you to assign roles and permissions to your employees. This prevents business problems such as lost/stolen retail stores, comping, voided receipts, and invalid receipts.
  2. Free 24/7 support: Whether by chat, phone, or email, access expert technical support with peace of mind.
  3. Franchise and multi-location: Whether it’s through chat, phone, or email, you will have access to expert technical support for your peace of mind.
  4. Reporting and metrics: KORONA provides business insights with detailed reports on sales metrics. Track conversion rates, response rates, sales rates, and more. You can also compare sales over a period of time to see where you can improve.
  1. What Is the Benefit of Using KORONA?

Here is the benefits of using KORONA:

Personalized Service

With KORONA’s loyalty and CRM capabilities, you can offer your customers point-based loyalty programs, personalized service, and even promotions.

Collect and store customer information that can be used to expedite services and develop marketing campaigns tailored to each customer.

On-access Inventory Management

KORONA’s integrated inventory management makes it easy for employees to answer questions about product availability.

Back office teams can use it to add products, edit prices and descriptions, and track item numbers. Since it is linked with the front, we will update the inventory as soon as it is sold out.

As a result, both front and back office teams are kept up-to-date on availability and can easily respond to customer inquiries about this.

Complete Employee Management Tools

KORONA’s powerful workforce management tools help you solve various HR and business problems.

Assign roles and permissions, track hours worked, and monitor commissions from the same POS interface.

All of this helps ensure that employees are properly and fairly rewarded for their hard work, and that business data remains secure.

Real-time Data Updates for All Stores

KORONA allows you to transfer and sync all your universal data across multiple stores.

This means you can run store-wide promotions or offer discounts and offers at specific locations.

You can also use this feature to introduce surprise promotions to boost sales on weak days. increase.

How Much Does Korona Cost?

You can try it for free, and the monthly fee starts from $49

2. Vend

Vend is a cloud-based POS and retail management platform that makes it easy to sell, manage, report, and grow your retail business.

It offers POS, multi-point retail capabilities, and an inventory management system that allows you to run your business online, in store, or on the go.

Vend is designed for flexibility with PCs on Macs and iPads, supporting mice, keyboards, and touchscreen systems.

Core capabilities for inventory management, e-commerce, analytics, and customer retention help improve product management and track and organize customer data.

Suitable for a variety of industries such as electronics, health and beauty, food and beverage, toys and hobbies, and jewelry, this solution offers a high degree of customization that allows you to modify the system for your specific operations.

Works with existing business systems, devices and hardware such as barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers.

It’s easy to use and simple, mostly requiring only a web browser on each device.

What Are the Characteristics of Vend?

Here is the five characteristics of Vend:

  • Compatibility with multiple devices: Web-based or iPad POS connects to and works with your iPad, Mac, or PC and can sync in the cloud, so you can use one platform or all three.
  • Works offline: Internet interruptions are not a problem as the system will automatically re-sync your sales when you are back online so you can continue your sales process.
  • Built-in online store: Create a fully customizable online store in minutes and bring your products online with a single click. No technical or web knowledge required.
  • Multitasking management: You can use various tools to manage cash, inventory, orders, core product catalog, pricing and promotions, reports and dashboards, and customer information.
  • Customer management: Store customer data in one place, access customer history, import customer lists, apply discounts, and more. A single customer list can also be used across all branches, so all information is always in sync.

What Is the Benefit of Using Vend?

Vend is a powerful POS software that gives retailers and even companies in other sectors complete control over their products and sales operations.

It offers many benefits to your business, many of which you won’t find in your average POS system. Here are some of them:

Powerful Cloud POS

Vend’s strength lies in its robust POS system designed for both web-based operations and iPads.

Also, since it is cloud-based, the user can also run the system from her Mac or PC.

If you’re worried about losing your internet connection, the system will automatically re-sync your sales when you’re back online.

This ensures that no transaction data is lost.

This solution is easy to use and requires minimal staff training.

If you need to add a note or discount to a specific item or an entire sale, you can use this app to print the note on your customer’s receipt.


With Vend, becoming an online store is easy.

Vend allows users to sell online with the click of a mouse.

This tool allows you to freely edit the design of your website, thus increasing your online exposure to your users.

Even better, customers can shop directly from their device or even pick up their order in-store.

Apart from its ability to fulfill orders, Vend allows retailers to manage inventory and be automatically notified when new orders come in.

Payment Processing

Vend allows customers to pay with credit or debit cards, but businesses can create custom buttons to accept a wide variety of payment types, including cash, debit, credit, gift cards, and checks.

You can also split payments into separate transactions, allowing buyers to pay with multiple payment methods.

The system allows businesses to accept down payments or partial payments, so clipboards can also be processed.

Inventory Management

Vend’s inventory management features are quite impressive as it allows users to add different product variations such as colors, materials and sizes.

They can be edited from a single console.

Merchandise consolidation is allowed, so gift baskets can be created.

This system can process barcodes, import or create barcodes and print them.

A central product catalog can be used to place products across channels, eliminating additional data entry and improving accuracy.

Customer Management

The platform’s customer management features include the ability to store customer data in one place, the ability to access customer history, the ability to import customer lists, and the ability to offer discounts.

A single customer list can also be used across all branches, so all information is always in sync.

Additionally, users can come up with loyalty programs that help encourage repeat customers.

Robust Reporting

The solution can generate customizable reports that give users insight into store, product, and employee performance.

Apart from that, it can generate sales reports based on products, suppliers, brands and tags so users can spot trends quickly and make data-driven decisions.

The key metrics can be viewed from your phone. However, inventory reports provide a view of your inventory and inventory data.

How Much Does Vend Cost?

There are 4 plans of the cost, such as

  • Vend offers free trial
  • Plan Lite costs $119/month
  • Plat Pro costs $159/month
  • Enterprise by quote


There are various POS systems with different features, but not all of them meet your needs.

That’s why we recommend 2 best retail POS systems that you can explore and review.

It’s important to consider your business’s unique needs when it comes to finding the right software.

Before you use retail POS system, you may need to answer these questions to make the right choice, the questions are:

  • What is your hardware configuration for running POS?
  • How important are features like inventory management, returns and exchanges, and customer management to your retail business? Is it easy to use? Need training?
  • Can it be integrated into existing systems?
  • Is the price within your budget?
  • Clear and transparent with no hidden fees?

After determining your specific POS needs, you can narrow your selection to the product that offers the best value.

For more information, contact your POS provider and review the basics overview.

We recommend requesting a free trial or demo from the provider so that you can test and apply the software functionality directly.

Use this opportunity to gather information, weigh the pros and cons of the product, and test the tool to see if it fits your particular process.

We highly recommend checking out Vend.

This cloud-based POS system also serves as a retail management platform.

This gives you access to customer management features as well as payment processing tools and inventory management features.

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