3 Best Pos Systems For Bars

Bar’s point of sale (POS) system is a software platform that makes it easy for businesses to call custom orders, manage tabs, process payments, track inventory, generate sales reports, and more.

As the digital hub of your business, the POS system makes your bar operations easier, more secure and more transparent.

The ideal bar POS system will help you track your food inventory, finances and sales.

This system also simplifies your accounting needs.

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Common features of bar POS software include: Order entry, recipe definition and coordination, pricing planning, multi-user support

Best POS Systems For Bars

Here is the top three of best POS system for bars you should know:

1. Square

If you run a small business, you’ve probably heard of Square.

Square is one of the leading names in the POS provider industry.

When it comes to affordability and user experience, Square for Restaurants is second to none.

Our research shows that Square is the best choice for several reasons.

It is very easy to add users and extend transaction limits to the platform, perfect for bars looking to scale.

Square POS Features

Square’s software runs anywhere, so business owners can use the system on their existing hardware.

This can be a real asset for bars that don’t want to miss out on new equipment.

Along with its versatility, Square for Restaurant excels at inventory management.

Its inventory management features allow users to create menu items and track sales per unit.

This feature is especially useful for beverage stores that specialize in bottled beverages such as wine and beer.

Another selling point of Square for Restaurant is its massive app marketplace.

Shops provide users with access to a wide range of platforms that can benefit multiple areas of your business.

You can go online.

Square’s toolkit is extensive, but research suggests that Lightspeed and Toast may be better choices if you’re making a decision based solely on features.

Because Square offers generous packages.

If you’re still convinced Square is the best point of service for your business, take a look at how the prices stack up below.

Square POS Pricing

There are three types of Square POS Pricing:

  • Square Free – Square’s free POS software for restaurants and bars includes a POS system, team management tools, and 6am-6pm functionality. customer service. However, the most basic plan lacks seat management, course management, and floor plan customization features.
  • Square Plus – Square Plus is available for $60 per month. It offers advanced POS functionality including seat and fee management, as well as powerful sales and reporting capabilities. A user can also add his POS device for $40/month.
  • Square Premium – Square’s Premium plan comes with all the features plus optional add-ons like Square Payroll, Square Loyalty and Square Marketing. This plan is designed to scale with your business and pricing is available upon request.

2. Cake POS

Cake POS has many useful features designed specifically for bartenders.

Cake also offers its own checkout and registration for businesses that have not yet invested in existing hardware.

However, Cake encourages users to sign up for long-term contracts, and its inventory management features are so basic that it’s not the bar’s strongest its POS option at the moment.

Cake POS Features

Cake POS understands that working in a bar can be a high-pressure environment.

Split-screen mode allows employees to order, process and pay on the same screen.

By allowing different tasks to be performed simultaneously, employees can keep services running as quickly as possible.

In addition to its standard POS functionality, Cake’s system also allows you to pre-authorize your credit card when your server picks up cash.

By pre-authorizing payment methods with this tool, bartenders can quickly return guests’ cards with minimal disruption.

Cake POS Pricing

Cake’s basic package, which includes 24/7 customer support, cloud compatibility, security monitoring, and a training portal, costs $69/month.

After that, the price increases by $49 per month for each additional device you need.

Unfortunately, the free version of the system is not available.

3. Epos Now

Epos Now for Pubs and Bars is a pretty solid POS option for bars.

It offers convenient third-party integrations, many promising training options for its employees, and even sells its own hardware.

This is an excellent option for a growing business or someone who is not yet dependent on its POS device.

However, Epos’ standard package can be more expensive for smaller venues.

Epos Now Features

Epos POS excels in employee management tools.

The vendor offers unlimited employee training for $35 a month so new hires can learn how to use the software.

This can really be a lifesaver for employers who hire multiple new employees at once.

The system also comes with a unique training mode that allows new hires to practice with the register without affecting monthly sales reporting.

In addition to its prospective staff training capabilities, Epos Now also offers sophisticated inventory and inventory management tools that make it easy for large bars to stock products.

Bartenders can use this feature to track individual stock items, cocktail ingredients, and even beer kegs.

The system also allows you to divide your inventory into various subcategories to keep your inventory as organized as possible.

Epos Now Pricing

The Epos POS basic software package is available for $39/month or $499 manually.

This plan includes sales reports, inventory management, and customer relationship tools.

Epos Now also offers two other plans at two different prices.

Epos Now recommends that you speak directly with a sales representative for more information on the provider’s pricing model.


A bar’s point of sale (POS) system is a software platform that allows a server to take orders and manage payments.

Many bar POS systems also offer advanced features such as inventory tracking, menu management, sales reporting and customer relationship management.

If you are using a bar POS system, you will need to first scan the product’s barcode or manually search for the item to add your inventory to the system.

Before you start ordering and paying, you should familiarize yourself with your POS software as much as possible.

According to our research, Square currently offers the best POS solution for bars.

It comes loaded with many useful features, is compatible with a wide range of hardware, and offers great value on its free plan.

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